Service Special

At Gwinnett Suzuki, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing quality service that truly make a difference for our customers. We offer free inspection to your car, discounted oil change and cheaper and quality tires.

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Free Inspection 25 Points in 25 Minutes

1. Engine: Inspect engine for obvious external wear and fluid leaks.

2. Audio video: Check the Video and Audio system.

3. Axle shafts and c/v joints: Inspect axles for wear, possible damage, leaks and clamp condition .

4. Brakes:inspect fluid level, parking brake, front and rear pads and rotors for thickness and wear, and system leaks.

5. Gearbox / clutch : visual inspection of fluid leakage , condition drive gearbox.

6. Suspension: visual inspection of external condition of tires (front , back and spare tire) .

7. Suspension: visual inspection of dampers (front & rear ) , leakage and shock.

8. Exhaust system: inspect for damage, wear, rust, overall external condition and shifting.

9. Fuel system : Visual inspection of external conditions and fuel lines.

10. Cooling systems : visual inspection and fluid leaks.

11. Engine: visual inspection of oil level.

12. Air filter: inspect overall condition.

13. Power Steering: inspect fluid level, check for leaks, and inspect hoses..

14 . Cooling system: inspect radiator, coolant level and condition.

15 . Wipers: inspect wipers and windshield washer system (function and wear).

16 . Battery: inspect battery, battery terminals and cable conditions.

17 . Drive belts and hoses: inspect drive belts, and hoses for damage and wear.

18 . Visual inspection wipers ( functioning / wear ) .

19 . Visual inspection of belts.

20 . Visual inspection of hoses.

21 . Undercarriage: visually inspect for damage.

22 . Visual inspection of  turning signals.

23 . Visual inspection of  Brake light.

24 . Exterior: inspect body for damage, dents, scratches, trim, paint and clear coat issues.

25 . Differential: Inspect transfer case for operation and fluid leaks (if applicable).